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    apple      Grade 4 - Reading and Writing 
                            Room 14
    To my students,
    The 4th grade teachers created a distance learning packet for the next 20 days with ELA, Math and Art activities. I am posting the digital version of the packet here! Grab and go breakfast and lunch will be served Monday-Friday at the times and locations listed below. They will be offered to all students while school is closed. 
    Oakside Elementary:

    10 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

    High School: 
    10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

                                                 4th Grade Distance Learning Packet

                               Updated 4th Grade Packet

                               Direcciones para el paquete de 4to grado 

    Please be safe and stay healthy! I miss you all very much and look forward to seeing you soon!

    Email me or message me through our Google Classroom with any questions! Please see below for daily messages and directions for each day's task :)

    Day 11: Thursday, 4/2 - Good morning 4th graders! Please work on the Day 11 activities in your packet. Sign on to Google Classroom for daily messages from all your teachers! I colored a rainbow and put it on the front door of my house so that when people walk or drive past it, they are reminded of the good times ahead of us. Ask your parents if you can do this too! It is a great way to brighten your day and someone else's day. Post a picture of your rainbow on our Google Classroom when you are finished! 

    Day 11 rainbow 2

    Day 10: Wednesday, 4/1 - Happy April! Today, you should be working on the Day 10 activities in your packet. Keep working hard! I miss you all very much and think of you all the time! 

    Day 10

    Day 9: Tuesday, 3/31 - I hope everyone enjoyed their 4 day weekend! Today, you should be working on the Day 9 activities in your packet. Are you enjoying using the Writing Prompt Menu to spark ideas for writing? Tell me how writing is going on today's Google Classroom post. If you are not interested in using the prompts that are provided, you can do a daily journal entry about how you are feeling each day. It is a really great way to express your feelings and it will be interesting to read and reflect on once things go back to normal! Miss you all very much! 

    Day 9

    Day 8: Thursday, 3/26 - Today, you should be working on the Day 8 activities in your packet! It is okay if you are ahead or a little behind, as long as you are working hard every day. Don't forget to check out the online resources avaliable to you daily (EPIC, RazKids, ST Math and Zearn). Today's spirit week theme is "Fresh Air Photo." I have been taking lots of walks around my neighborhood to get fresh air and to clear my mind! What have you been doing to stay busy outside? Post your picture on our Google Classroom!

    NOTE: Friday, 3/27 and Monday, 3/30 are considered "snow days." This means you can take a break from the instructional packet, but don't stop reading or practicing your math facts!

    Day 8   outside 2  #PCSDTogetherInSpirit

    Day 7: Wednesday, 3/25 - Today, you should be working on the Day 7 activites in your packet! Check out Mrs. Coleman's Google Classroom to post some of your artwork for today's spirit week theme, which is Artist Showcase. Check out a piece of art that made me smile as I was walking around my neighorhood yesterday! 

    Day 7 Art

    Day 6: Tuesday, 3/24 - Today, you should be working on the Day 6 activities in your packet! Today's spirit week theme is "What are you reading?" Take some time to share with me in our Google Classroom what you have been reading lately! I have been reading a lot more cookbooks to help me come up with new recipes while we are stuck at home. (See below.) Keep working hard and pushing yourself to learn new things! I am here if you need me! 

    Day 6 Cookbook  

    Day 5: Monday, 3/23 - I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today, you should be working on the Day 5 activities in your packet. Also, check out Peekskill's virtual spirit week! Today's theme is "Share Some New Knowledge." Take a couple minutes to share something new that you learned over the past week on our Google Classroom! Did you learn a new skill? Did you help your parents or siblings with something? I can't wait to read your responses! In addition, see the message below about joining Mr. L's Google Classroom!

    ALL STUDENTS should join Mr. L's Google Classroom which is called Hillcrest HAWKS to receive daily announcements and to participate in schoolwide activities and contests.  We tried to invite all students to join but it looks like not everyone received the invitation, so just (1) Go to Google Classroom (2) Click the + in the upper right hand corner (3) Pick  "Join a Class" and then (4) enter the code: n6uv7ke.  See you there!

    Day 5  Spirit Week


    Day 4: 3/20 - Continue working on your packet. Send me any questions through Google Classroom, and talk to your peers if you can! They may be able to help too! Mr. L will be at Hillcrest Elementary School today from 9:30-12:00 to hand out packets. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

    Day 4

    Day 3: 3/19 - Happy Spring! I have great news! EPIC is now avaliable to all students for FREE until June 30th! Take advantage of all the great books on their site! Continue to stay safe and spend time with loved ones! Looking forward to new beginnings and all that spring has to offer! 

    Dat 3

    Day 2: 3/18 - Be kind and work hard! Keep working towards your goals! Packets will be avaliable for pick up from 4-6pm today! 

    Day 2

    Day 1: 3/17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

    Day 1