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    Welcome to 5th grade! We will be spending 1/2 the day together learning math, science and social studies! Since we are departmentalized, you will also learn with Mrs. Macpherson the other half of the day, my partner teacher and your ELA teacher. Mr. Tama and Mrs. Mendello are also in the room to help us learn. We are so excited to have you here! 
    **Please check the "Interesting Web Resources" tab for links to ST Math via Clever and the link to the "Continued Learning" packet for 5th grade. Please note that staff will be on site at Hillcrest tomorrow (3/17) handing out breakfast and lunch and packets from 11:00-12:00. 
    3/17/2020- Happy St. Patrick's Day! Make sure you catch that naughty leprechaun and his pot of gold! I am thinking of each of you every day! Be safe and wash those hands! I have posted a few things in our google classroom, please go in and start reading what was written. I have attached a few links and docs for your assignments. I would also like for you to comment in the comment section especially if you need help with anything. I am checking our google classrooms and my email everyday! The written portion of your cell project is still due on March 27th. Submit through google classroom if possible, if not, send me a photo of your assignment to my email. Please reach out if you need anything. Missing you all terribly! xo 
    3/18/2020 Hello! I'm happy to see a few more of you have jumped on Google Classroom and have reached out to say Hello! Mr. Tama and Mrs. Mendello are also on there saying hello and missing you all! Mr. L will be at Hillcrest today to hand out Distance Learning Packets if you need. He also has grab and go breakfast and lunch. Make sure you get on ST Math for at least 20 minutes today. Wash your hands and know that I am thinking of you all! xo 
    3/19/2020 Good morning! Happy to see a few more students jumped onto our Google Classroom! If you haven't yet, come on in! Say hi! We miss you guys so much! I have posted both Google Classroom links on my teacher page. Go into the "interesting web resources" tab and find your classroom. The Clever link is also on there so you can continue with ST Math! Also, Officer Long has sent you guys a video. I am going to try to post it here or in our Google Classrooms. Stay tuned. She really misses you guys too! Keep washing those hands and be well :) 
    3/20/2020 Good morning! I hope you all are feeling good and are ready to take on this fabulous Friday! I posted an example of the written portion of your cell project on our google classroom. Please look at it and begin working on yours using the google doc I have attached in both classes. Congrats to Eric and Se'Niyra who have started their assignement already! I am super proud of you both! Remember, if you need help, just ask. The doc should be turned in after someone has looked it over for you (feel free to share it with a peer and have them read it over before you submit!) by next Friday, March 27th. I see that Mr. L has started his own Google Classroom and has asked that we all join. I saw Miliani on there :) Have an awesome Friday! Missing you all! 
    Spirit week
    3/23/2020 Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. How amazing was it to see snow this morning! If you haven't been able to get on to Google Classroom, please click on the link in the "interesting web resources" and it should take you right there. The PTO has set up a "Virtual Spirit Week" Check it out! Looks like fun! The first day is "Share Some Knowledge" which means, go onto our Google Classroom and share something you have learned! I have set it up so we can all comment and share on the same thread. I'm excited to see what you all share! Remember to reach out to me if you need help! Keep washing those hands and social distancing yourself. Miss you all! 
    3/24/2020 Happy Tuesday! Tell or show us what you are reading! Today for our "Virtual Spirit Week" we would love to hear or see what you are reading. Go into our Google Classroom and share with us. If you need help with anything, we are here for you. Just reach out. Reach out to say Hi. If you feel like you miss seeing everyones face, check out the pictures I just uploaded on here. Click on the "Best Part of 5-23 (Pictures) Page" tab and scroll through. There are old photos of my former students but if you scroll enough, you'll find all your cute faces! We miss you! 
    3/26/2020 Hello! It's a beautiful day out, try to get out and soak up some sun. Remember to practice social distancing and wash your hands as soon as you get back inside. While you're out there snap a pic, if possible, and participate in the "Virtual Spirit Week." Teachers will be reaching out to your homes to speak to your parents about how you all are. I got to speak to Stephanie yesterday and it filled my heart to hear her voice. We miss you all so much! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 
    3/31/2020 Happy Tuesday! Hope you are all doing well. Make sure you stop by our Google Classroom, especially if you have not completed the written portion of your cell project. Mr. Tama has also posted some websites on there to help you practice. Be well!
    4/1/2020 Happy April! How wonderful is it to wake up to such a sunny day today especially since it is the first of April. The birds are singing and I'm hoping that you and your families are all doing well. Try to get outside for a little bit today. Rest those eyes and minds with a little fun in the sunshine. Remember, if you need anything, go to our Google Classroom and write on the stream. Mr Tama, Mrs. Mendello and I will all get a notification and answer any questions you may have. Missing you all dearly! 
    4/3/2020 Happy Friday! Today is the day that the written portion of your cell project is due. If you haven't gone into Google Classroom please go on and try to submit something. You can also have a parent take a picture of your written portion and email me the picture. Hope you are all well. Keep washing those hands! 
    4/6/2020 Happy Monday! I hope you all got outside to run around a bit and to soak up some vitamin D. I went for a walk over the weekend and listened to my audio book. I want to say thank you to all who submitted the written portion of the cell project. I will have those graded and returned to you by the middle of this week. If you haven't submitted, you still can. Better late than never, right? I am posting a form in our Google Classroom. I would like you to fill it out and submit when you finish. Also, add a comment into the comment bar on the "stream" once you finish. As we move into more learning using Google Classroom, I want you to start getting familiar with completing work on there and submitting. You can also send me, Mr. Tama or Mrs. Mendello messages on our Google Classroom. If you are having trouble, if you need help with something or if you just want to say hi. We miss you oodles!
    4/7/2020 Hoping you all got outside yesterday for a few minutes but if not, today is a spectacular day to get out there! Thank you to Gianna, Allyson, Nick D., Freddy, Se'Niyra & Jose for answering the Google form on our Google classroom from my homeroom. Thank you to Camila, Fredely, Alan, Emily, Jalani, Eric and Mrs. Mendello (heehee)  for answering the Google form on our Google classroom from Mrs. Macpherson's homeroom! It certainly brightened my day to read and see your responses. I will be sending back comments to each of you so be on the look out. Feel free to write me back too! Emily and I wrote back and forth to eachother for a little bit yesterday and it made my WHOLE DAY! Missing you all like crazy! xo 
    4/8/2020 Hello! Happy Wednesday! It's not looking too sunny out there this morning but also not yet raining so try to get outside for a little bit! Your body needs you to move and breathe in some fresh air while practicing social distancing, of course! Mr. Tama has posted a link to his teacher page on our google classrooms in case you need help with any of the math concepts from the packet. Take a look if needed. I was happy to see that a few more of you filled out the Google form on our Google classrooms- Thank you. I am also returning grades and comments to all of you who turned in your "Cell" papers. I am absolutely floored by what I am reading. You all did such a wonderful job! I am proud of all of you. Keep it up. Have a wonderful day! xo
    4/9/2020 Good morning! Happy Thursday! I have spoken with some of your parents in the past few days and to some of you! It was nice to get to talk to Freddy and his sister yesterday, brightened up my whole day! I hope you are all working on school work, practicing your multiplication facts, reading some fun stuff- but I also hope you are taking care of yourselves too. Help out around the house, wash your hands, draw something beautiful, talk to your friends, walk the dog or throw a frisbie around with a parent or sibling. Try to keep your mind busy with all good things. Thank you again to those of you that have gone on to our Google Classrooms, I love reading the responses to the form I put out. I will have a response for you so be on the look out. Have an amazing day and always know that I am thinking of you all and missing you all dearly.
    4/10/2020 Happy Friday! Some parts of NY got some snow today! I love it! I hope you are all doing well. Please be on the look out next week for new assignments that will be posted on our Google Classrooms. If you do not have access to a device and cannot get on our classrooms, no worries! Packets will be available for pick up next week. Mr. Tama, Mrs. Macpherson, Ms. Connor and myself have made phone calls so your parents all know which packets to pick up for you. I was able to speak to Andrew and Carlos L. yesterday! Love hearing your voices. Miss you all terribly. Have a wonderful weekend :)
    4/13/2020 Hello! Happy Monday and welcome back from Easter weekend. I hope you are all well and you keep washing those hands. I have posted Day 1- Place Value lesson in our Google Classroom today. Please watch the video and then complete the form, also attached. I have also attached the link to the entire packet (Packet E) in the "interestesting web resources" section of my teacher page and in our google classrooms. You can print up the packet so you have it or you can work on each page from the computer using some loose leaf, a notebook or piece of paper. This way you can show some work and/or calculations. Mrs. Macpherson is also posting lessons in her Google Classroom as well so make sure you check her classroom to stay up to date. I am so proud of all of you. We miss you all so much. Have a wonderful day and stay well. 
    4/14/2020 Good Morning & happy Tuesday! I wanted to give a big shout out to 4 students who have already completed the Day 1- Place Value assignment on our Google Classroom! Thank you Jalani, Anela, Chloe, and Nick D! You all did wonderful! Our next assignment is on it's way! Remember to take your time when answering the questions. This is not timed so do not rush. I posted the link to the packet so if you want to take a look at the page before starting the form, go for it. Use scrap paper to work out the problems. You know all of this stuff. I know learning from home can be distracting but I want you to know that you are all making me so proud! I wanted to post the image above today because I want you all to remember: "Be Happy and Smile." Try to get outside for a little bit (now that it isn't so windy!) and breathe in some fresh air. I miss you all so much! Have a wonderful day! xo
    4/15/2020 Hello out there in Hillcrest Hawk land! I just wanted to come on and say that lessons 1 and 2 are posted on your math Google Classrooms and they are both due to me (remember to submit on the form and back in our classroom) by Friday 4/17. Some of you have completed both and I am super proud of you. WAY TO GO!! I am grading and returning back to you as quickly as possible so be on the look out for a response. As always, if you need help, we are all here for you. I know Mr. Tama has been calling students who need help to walk them through any problems that are giving them a hard time. Try to get outside today as well. It's a bit chilly but perfect if you run around a bit! Be well my little hawks. Love and miss you so much! 
    4/17/2020 Happy Friday! I posted a FLIP GRID video for you all to watch on both of my classrooms. Come watch and leave a message! Mrs. Mendello also posted a video :)) I love it! I miss you all so much. I loved seeing Jalani and his new "school" schedule and the school rules! Sean C. I just love hearing all the things you are doing to keep busy while we're all self isolating to stay healthy and safe. Miliani, I miss you too! So so soo much! I will be posting grades and comments for lessons 1 and 2 this weekend. Please be ready to go for lessons 3 and 4 next week. Don't forget about ST Math and reading for 20-30 minutes everyday. You can also make flashcards with multiplication and division facts so you stay fluent with that on your own. Time yourselves and then try to beat that time! Get outside as much as possible and have a wonderful weekend!
    4/21/2020 Happy Tuesday! It's hard to believe that we are in our 6th week of being away from eachother. Even though I am sad and miss you all so much, I know in the end, it will all be worth it because we will be healthy and safe. Yesterday I posted math lesson 3. A handful of you completed the assignment, wooowhooo way to go! If you have not submitted the lesson yet, no worries, you have until Friday to submit. The Google Form attached to it has some glitches so even if it is marking your answer wrong, and you know you did it correctly, just submit and know that I am checking each of your forms anyway. I will give you your final grade after I look at each one. Lesson 3 requires you to write decimal numbers in WRITTEN FORM therefore, you should take your time and make sure to write each number and place value correctly. Please make sure you are also completing Mrs. Macpherson's ELA work, your specials teacher's weekly assignments, your reading teacher's assignments (if you go to reading during WIN), 20 minutes of ST Math and 30 minutes of reading. If you play an instrument, you should also be practicing that as well. Help around the house as much as possible and try to get outside for a bit! The sunshine and fresh air will do you good. As always, if you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hi, post it on our Google Classroom, add a flip grid or email me. I am here for you always and miss you all so much! 
    4/22/2020 GOOD MORNING! It's Wednesday! That means your 4th math lesson has been posted on our Google Classroom. Lessons 3 and 4 are due by this Friday. Obviously, if you finish before the due date, turn it in when you finish. Grades and comments are usually returned to you within a day or so after you turn it in. Please be on the look out for my comments. I worked with Allyson to find where her grades and comments were. We learned that you need to click on the assignment and then the grade will pop up as a fraction (Numerator is the number you got correct, denominator is the total number of questions on the form). Below that will be my comment to you about your work and what I notice. Feel free to write me back. I have also posted a SCAVENGER HUNT on our Google Classroom! You will need to have the SCAVENGER HUNT opened in a tab and then this tab opened too (The Hillcrest Home Page). Read the question then go look for the answer. It's not timed so take your time. Each question is worth 100 points! Some kids have already earned 1100 points because they took their time and found the answer to each question! If you haven't tried it yet, get on and see how you do. I will try to post one each week. Lastly, my ST Math ROCK STARS! I'm giving shout outs to ERIC, FREDELY, JASON, MILIANI, JALANI, HANNAH, SEAN C, ANDREW, CHLOE, XAVIER, GIANNA, CARLOS L, and NICK D for going on each day and completeing their 20 minutes! WOOOOWHOOOOO! Keep it up! I'm hoping more students will log on and complete some puzzles! I've attached the Clever link on my teacher page and in our Google Classrooms. Click on it and log on using your school username and password. I'm so proud of all of you and miss you so much! xo
    4/27/2020 Happy Monday! It's hard to believe that we have been away from eachother for such a long time. We are starting week 7 today of remote learning. As hard as it is to be away from eachother for so long, we need to keep in mind that we are all doing this so that we may all be together again soon. I am proud of you all. I'm so happy that I got to speak to a few of you last week. I love seeing all the work that is being turned in. I am sure the students who have the packet are also doing their very best work as well. For those students who have been completing work on Google Classroom, I will now be assigning 3 lessons per week. All 3 will be due back to me by this Friday. Just to be clear, lessons 5, 6, and 7 will be assigned this week and all three are due to me by Friday, May 1st. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to any of us. Missing you all terribly :( 
    **Head over to the INTERESTING WEB RESOURCES tab to see a SPECIAL VIDEO that was created for you all!    
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