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    Welcome to 5th grade! We will be spending 1/2 the day together learning math, science and social studies! Since we are departmentalized, you will also learn with Mrs. Macpherson the other half of the day, my partner teacher and your ELA teacher. Mr. Tama and Mrs. Mendello are also in the room to help us learn. We are so excited to have you here! 
    **Please check the "Interesting Web Resources" tab for links to ST Math via Clever and the link to the "Continued Learning" packet for 5th grade. Please note that staff will be on site at Hillcrest tomorrow (3/17) handing out breakfast and lunch and packets from 11:00-12:00. 
    3/17/2020- Happy St. Patrick's Day! Make sure you catch that naughty leprechaun and his pot of gold! I am thinking of each of you every day! Be safe and wash those hands! I have posted a few things in our google classroom, please go in and start reading what was written. I have attached a few links and docs for your assignments. I would also like for you to comment in the comment section especially if you need help with anything. I am checking our google classrooms and my email everyday! The written portion of your cell project is still due on March 27th. Submit through google classroom if possible, if not, send me a photo of your assignment to my email. Please reach out if you need anything. Missing you all terribly! xo 
    3/18/2020 Hello! I'm happy to see a few more of you have jumped on Google Classroom and have reached out to say Hello! Mr. Tama and Mrs. Mendello are also on there saying hello and missing you all! Mr. L will be at Hillcrest today to hand out Distance Learning Packets if you need. He also has grab and go breakfast and lunch. Make sure you get on ST Math for at least 20 minutes today. Wash your hands and know that I am thinking of you all! xo 
    3/19/2020 Good morning! Happy to see a few more students jumped onto our Google Classroom! If you haven't yet, come on in! Say hi! We miss you guys so much! I have posted both Google Classroom links on my teacher page. Go into the "interesting web resources" tab and find your classroom. The Clever link is also on there so you can continue with ST Math! Also, Officer Long has sent you guys a video. I am going to try to post it here or in our Google Classrooms. Stay tuned. She really misses you guys too! Keep washing those hands and be well :) 
    3/20/2020 Good morning! I hope you all are feeling good and are ready to take on this fabulous Friday! I posted an example of the written portion of your cell project on our google classroom. Please look at it and begin working on yours using the google doc I have attached in both classes. Congrats to Eric and Se'Niyra who have started their assignement already! I am super proud of you both! Remember, if you need help, just ask. The doc should be turned in after someone has looked it over for you (feel free to share it with a peer and have them read it over before you submit!) by next Friday, March 27th. I see that Mr. L has started his own Google Classroom and has asked that we all join. I saw Miliani on there :) Have an awesome Friday! Missing you all! 
    Spirit week
    3/23/2020 Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. How amazing was it to see snow this morning! If you haven't been able to get on to Google Classroom, please click on the link in the "interesting web resources" and it should take you right there. The PTO has set up a "Virtual Spirit Week" Check it out! Looks like fun! The first day is "Share Some Knowledge" which means, go onto our Google Classroom and share something you have learned! I have set it up so we can all comment and share on the same thread. I'm excited to see what you all share! Remember to reach out to me if you need help! Keep washing those hands and social distancing yourself. Miss you all! 
    3/24/2020 Happy Tuesday! Tell or show us what you are reading! Today for our "Virtual Spirit Week" we would love to hear or see what you are reading. Go into our Google Classroom and share with us. If you need help with anything, we are here for you. Just reach out. Reach out to say Hi. If you feel like you miss seeing everyones face, check out the pictures I just uploaded on here. Click on the "Best Part of 5-23 (Pictures) Page" tab and scroll through. There are old photos of my former students but if you scroll enough, you'll find all your cute faces! We miss you! 
    3/26/2020 Hello! It's a beautiful day out, try to get out and soak up some sun. Remember to practice social distancing and wash your hands as soon as you get back inside. While you're out there snap a pic, if possible, and participate in the "Virtual Spirit Week." Teachers will be reaching out to your homes to speak to your parents about how you all are. I got to speak to Stephanie yesterday and it filled my heart to hear her voice. We miss you all so much! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 
    3/31/2020 Happy Tuesday! Hope you are all doing well. Make sure you stop by our Google Classroom, especially if you have not completed the written portion of your cell project. Mr. Tama has also posted some websites on there to help you practice. Be well!
    4/1/2020 Happy April! How wonderful is it to wake up to such a sunny day today especially since it is the first of April. The birds are singing and I'm hoping that you and your families are all doing well. Try to get outside for a little bit today. Rest those eyes and minds with a little fun in the sunshine. Remember, if you need anything, go to our Google Classroom and write on the stream. Mr Tama, Mrs. Mendello and I will all get a notification and answer any questions you may have. Missing you all dearly! 
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