• Students should read daily to work on their reading skills. Recommended reading time is 30 minutes a day. Students should then write a brief telling of what they read. They can do this in their writers notebooks. The prompt is simply to tell three important details about what you read. Once your child has completed the reading response, please check it over and sign daily to indicate completion of homework.

    Other written homework will not be given on a daily basis. Rather, if your child does not complete their classwork, it will be given as homework to complete. Also, if they need practice with a math skill for example, they will at times be sent home with work that helps them practice the skill that we focused on in class that day. This is essential, because your child can not move on to the next skill if they have not demonstrated mastery of the current skill.

    Thank you for all of your support. It is very important that your child completes ALL assignments to the best of their ability. This will help in making sure that they learn all of the necessary skills for them to move onto the next grade without any gaps in their knowledge.