• New Era Creative Space

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    Ridvan Foxhall, rfoxhall@gmail.com and info@necspace.org
    914-325-1053 or 914-930-1777

    MBK Meeting Times: 1st & 3rd Sundays of the Month from 4-6PM. (See MBK calendar for workshop titles)


    Participants will define who they are, regardless of society’s definition. They will reflect on their innate strengths. To do this, they will explore a variety of coming of age questions (Who am I? What’s my purpose?  How can I become an agent of change? What’s stopping me?) and deeply resolve these issues through engagement in Social Action and Mentorship. This will be done through Workshops, Guest Speakers and Trips.

    • Re-crafting Cultural and Ethic stories using the Arts.
    • Engage in workshops & exposure to guest mentors and leaders.
    • Exploring Hip Hop & Rap Culture and expressing themselves and their stories through Spoken Word, Creative Writing, Music, Film Making & photography and more.
    • Take Field trips to organizations in NYC to learn about different professions and possibilities to think about for their future.
    • We will fine-tune the program based on the interest of the participants.
    • Build self-awareness. Exploring personal and society’s narrative. 
    • Examine coping skills, current attitude and growth mindset.
    • Learn conflict resolution skills and ways to cope with stressors.
    • Increase openness, explore valuable human qualities that are innate and lead to success.
    • Build self confidence and learn communication skills 
    • Explore values, virtues and qualities that make us be our best selves.
    • Living intentionally, self expression and community engagement.
    • Learning new skills and ways to express oneself creatively, and with integrity.

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