• Chromebook & MiFi Unit Distribution Infomation: Updated August 28, 2020

    The district has ordered enough Chromebooks to ensure all students will have access to devices for online learning this year. However, due to the high demand nationally we are still awaiting confirmation from vendors as to when the devices will be shipped to our district. We believe we will have them by early October. However, at this time the district does not have enough devices to distribute to every student.  Thus, we are distributing Chromebooks on an as-needed basis. We are respectfully requesting that families utilize personal devices at home if they have them.  Therefore, please do not take a loaner computer at this time if you are still in possession of a district loaned Chromebook or your children have a desktop, laptop or computer device to access on-line learning.  

    In order to expedite distribution of the Chromebooks, please read the agreement form below in advance as you will need to sign it prior to receiving the device.  You may also print the form and bring it with you. If you are unable to print a form, one will be given to you at the time of pick-up.

    As soon as the Chromebooks that were ordered are received, we will reach out to families with information about continuing to distribute devices until every student is in possession of a district device.

    The district has also ordered wifi hotspots that will arrive shortly. If you are in need of a wifi device please email techhelp@peekskillschools.org with the subject “Wifi Device.” 



    Where: Pick up at your child's school - PHS, PKMS, Hillcrest, Oakside and/or Woodside.

    Dates: September 1 through September 4; September 8 through September 11

    Time: 10AM-2PM

    PHS Chromebook Distribution Schedule - Grades 9-12