Pick a good book!
    Reading At Home
    Below are some parents tips for you use at home when reading with your child.
    If you have any questions, please feel  free to let me know! 

    Definition:  Reading smoothly with expression and at a good rate.


    ~ Read aloud to your child to provide an example of how fluent reading sounds.

    ~ Remind your child to pause between sentences and phrases. 

    ~ Have your child reread favorite books and poems over and over again.

    ~ Have your child listen to audio books to hear smooth and expressive reading. 

                ~ Read online with Raz-Kids.com

                ~ Visit the Library



    Understanding what you are reading.



    Predicting – What do you think is going to happen, what do you notice and what do you wonder?


    Summarizing – Have your child retell the story.

    Visualizing – Have your child describe/draw what he/she is reading.

    Connections – Have your child discuss if the book reminds him/her of another book, movie or event in his/her life.


    Ask your child if her/she would recommend this book to another person.  Why or why not?

Last Modified on August 22, 2018