Teachers- Falcon/Hernandez              Grade- 4                                 Date- Begin- 10/5/15

    Content Area/Unit Title:  Social Studies / Contributions of Famous Hispanic Americans

    Instructional Objective(s):  Students will understand the contributions of Hispanic Americans and their effect on American lives and culture.

    Information Literacy Objectives: 

         Students will understand the importance of focusing on a topic as the first step of research.

         Students will be able to take notes with a purpose in mind.

         Students will be able to present what they’ve learned about a topic.

    Technology Skills Objectives:

         Students will be able to find information using World Book Online and be able to navigate that database. 

         Students each will contribute a slide to a class PowerPoint presentation.

    Essential Question: How did the accomplishments of famous Hispanic Americans contribute to our country and to our Hispanic Heritage? 

    Librarian will:  Introduce the unit, teach the steps in the Research Process and how to use World Book and other online encyclopedias.

    Classroom Teacher will:  Assign topics.  Guide students.   Aid students with language understanding and expression.

    Both will: Come up with a list of Hispanic Americans that the students can write about.
                     Teach how to take notes. 
                      Teach how to present information using PowerPoint. 

    Student grouping:  Individuals

    Resources: Library Books, World Book Online, other encyclopedias, Scholastic website, etc.

    Student generated ideas of what to include:
    • Background: Where they were born, childhood, education, career
    • Interesting details about their accomplishments
    • How did he/she become famous
    • important dates
    • Include map and flag of country. If they were born in the United States, you can include the American flag as well as the flag of their cultural background. Ex) Selena would include the American flag as well as the Mexican flag.                                                           *Students may present in their language of choice.

    Sample PowerPoint slide-José Limón


Last Modified on October 16, 2015