• Clip clothes pins onto match number
    • Sort cards by color
    • Sort cards by number
    • Slide paper clips onto cards, match the number of clips to the number on the card
    • Work on holding the cards and spanning them out in the hands
    • Pick up one card as fast as you can. Make it a card race! 
    • House of cards- Roll balls of play dough and stick cards into the dough
    • Work on mixing the deck with two hands
    • Pinch a single card between the thumb and pointer finger. Toss the cards into a target such as a basket to improve pincer strength
    • Make a line of cards, flip them over one at a time using one hand (switch hands)
    • Practice dealing cards (one card to each player, with one hand holding the cards, and one hand passing them)


    Warm-up Exercises:

    Walk the Crayon

     Crayon Rolls

      Crayon Twirl

    Finger Walks


    Occupational Therapy Resourcecs:


    ZONES of Regulation

    A framework designed to foster self regulation and emotional control


    Growing Hands on Kids

    Child development tips, tools, and strategies


    OT- Mom

    Simple learning activities that help kids develop the skills they need for formal schooling.