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    Welcome Pre-K Class of 2022!!!

    This is going to be an exciting year filled with learning, many new experiences, and tons of fun!  I can't wait to began this journey with you...We Can Do It!!!  


    Parents:  Classes will begin September 1st with only half the class attending, and then September 2nd for the other half.  September 3rd everyone attends. Please be mindful of your child's start date. Please use your child's email and password that was included in the letter to sign up for our google classroom.  This will be used in case of school closings and also to communicate.  

    We are the Blue Whales and I am Ms. Council, your child's teacher!  This information is important when you call or come to the school. The class color is blue, and the animal is whale.  I am always available to help this beginning educational journey be a smooth one. Please reach out at any time if you have any questions or concerns at nhammonds-council@peekskillschools.org, or you can call the school and leave a message at (914)739-0682.  

    Please remember...the more involved you are, the more your child will learn and get out of this experience.  


    Blue Whales let's get ready to win!!!