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Origami Artists Bring a Message of Peace to Peekskill High School

Paper cranes on tree

On Friday, September 21, in honor of World Peace Day, strings of hand-folded paper birds were displayed in the trees outside of Peekskill High School. This art project is the product of a collaborative effort between students in PHS Art classes who recently learned about the life of Sadako Sasaki. Sadako lived in Hiroshima at the time of the atomic bombing, and in memory of her story, PHS art classes created over 1,000 paper cranes. In addition to constructing the paper birds, students wrote their dreams, hopes and wishes inside of their cranes as well.

The Art Department also collaborated with PHS Robotics Teacher Mr. Vidrini and his Maker's Lab class to design a large three dimensional tree. This tree will house the paper cranes in the school's lobby over the next week.

After the display is removed from the PHS lobby, students will hand deliver a string of cranes to each classroom and office in the school.

"It's our hope, as a department, that every room in PHS will have a part of our collaborative art for the year," said PHS Art Teacher Elizabeth Tabone.