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BOCES Names Peekskill’s Mikhail Militarev March Student of Distinction

Mikhail Militarev, a student from the Peekskill City School District, was named PNW BOCES' Student of Distinction for the month of March. Mikhail attends BOCES’ Fox Meadow High School where he is described by his teacher as “polite, courteous and caring.”
“He is an amazing kid, a huge history buff,” says teacher Peter Iandiorio.
He is also a hardworking student, who “speaks fluent English and Russian with a broad interest and knowledge of different languages and cultures,” says Fox Meadow’s interim principal Michael Sowul.
Mikhail attended BOCES’ Walden School before moving up to Fox Meadow, which, his mother Elena Yakovleva says, has been a “very good experience; everything is perfect.”
“He loves BOCES and Fox Meadow; he loves all the teachers and the atmosphere, and he feels like he’s loved,” she says.
Yakovleva says Mikhail has a huge interest in learning. “He loves human history and prehistory, languages, (he taught himself Mongolian and Chinese) and ethnic music.”
It’s this enthusiasm for learning that Mikhail brings to his Fox Meadow classroom. “On a regular basis, he infuses his broad knowledge and inquisitive nature into classroom discussion,” says Mr. Sowul. “In many ways he is an exemplar for our model student.”