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    Welcome to fitness and dance! My name is Raul Ortiz and I have the pleasure to teach this class as an alternative to physical education. As a Physical Education teacher my hope is to instill a love for health and wellness within my students so that they live a healthier lifestyle. This class will provide students with the opportunity to merge dance and fitness routines to develop a higher appreciation for physical activity and dance. As a member of the Peekskill community, I have a deep committment in ensuring that Peekskill students gain the tools necesary to make choices that will lead them to success both in school and in life. I look forward to a wonderful school year:) 


    Fitness and DanceFitness

    This course investigates the value of fitness in daily life, examines methods of assessing personal fitness levels, and develops the ability to plan an individualized fitness program.  Emphasis is placed on the personal development of fitness, with a goal to improve levels of fitness during the course.  The personal fitness program will incorporate the health related components of physical fitness and dance.