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    Thank you for visiting my Teacher Page! 

    I hope it will be a place of reference for kindergarten parents and families.  During our distance learning period, we will utilizing teacher pages to deliver the following:

    Let your voices be heard regarding Distance Learning. This will impact you and your child in the upcoming school year. Please complete the following survey by clicking the English or Spanish Survey.

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    English Survey Spanish Survey   

    Report cards:
    Report cards will be available only through the parent portal. If you need to sign up please go to the district page or please see Ms.Rodriguez' tutorial.
    Please fill out the request form below:

    Click here for⇒ English Video Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akgKAsat1JI 

                              English Parent Portal Request Form   

    Click here for⇒ Spanish Video Link https://youtu.be/ylqpPY8DggY

                              Spanish Parent Portal Request Form 

    Summer is here! Let's keep our brain sharp!

    Please read every day for 30minutes on Razkids and practice your math skills on Zearn. Your account is active until August 31st, 2020.

    Razkids Zearn

    Please ensure that your contact information is up to date.

    PLEASE JOIN - Our Specials Teachers' Google Classrooms using the class codes below:

    Library                                                       Art
    Kindergarten:    ocyy4fo                            Kindergarten:   rvo4pox                

    Physical Education                                     Music
    Both Grades:    uxgfou5   
                            Both Grades:    Xjbng6g

    Final goodbye from Woodside School 
    Final Good bye

    You can contact me via:

    • E-mail:  abudds@peekskillschools.org 
    • Class DojoOur Class  Dojo code is PS35TSVF9. 
      • Please find the directions to join Class Dojo below.

                      Class Dojo

    Sugguested Daily Schedule
    Daily Schedule