• Welcome to Global History 1


         The purpose of the Global history 1 course is to give you a strong foundation in the study of World History and Geography. This supportive course is set up to enhance your analytical, writing, and test taking skills. History is meant to be analyzed and questioned not just memorized. We aim to create a supportive and learning environment. This is a required course in the study of Global History. Global history is a two year course that covers the history of world civilizations from pre-history through the world today. This year we will cover the history of the world from the beginning of man to circa 1750.

    In the Tabs located on the left of the web page you will find important information regarding Exam dates, Homework, Unit portfolios, and Blogs. The Blogs section will be used as a discussion forum for the class. Please stay tuned for more information on this in your respective classes. (9/23/15)