• June 25, 2019. Summit Academy has been closed after five years. We are so proud of all the students who came here and tried and worked hard; we care about those who have graduated from Peekskill High School and those who still find their way. 

     Farewell Last boys at Summit:seniors Tyler Haviland and Chandler Kall Mural by Ms. Coleman

    Please visit our Photo Galleries to enjoy our five great years. 

    October 25, 2018: Summit joined in the Peekskill CSD spirit of pink out to support breast cancer research! Here are some of our students and staff!

    Pink Out Pink Out Pink Out Pink out pink out pink out pink out pink out

    This September we celebrate the start of the fifth year of Summit Academy, an alternative learning program that is the educational home to 60+ Peekskill High School students. Summit Academy was founded in 2014 with the goal of helping every student find a pathway to graduation from Peekskill High School and to success in life. We are located on the ground floor of the Uriah Hill School, and in our spacious bright classrooms we are building a community of authentic learning.

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    Assistant Principal Dr. Margie Daniels heads up Summit Academy.

    At long last, graduation arrived! Congratulations to our 32 graduating seniors and applause for their hard work.

    Please visit our Photo Galleries to the left for more photos of the year and of our graduates.


    Steven Olivia JrDrD Ariana




    Summit Academy visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Lake Compounce.

    Visit to the Met Lake Compunce

    Thanks to the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, artist Cey Adams came to work with Summit students to create a collage project in black and white.


    Summit Academy held its own college fair!

    College Fair


    And the Holiday Feast is a big hit, also!

    Xmassweaters hall Xmasfood

    Summit's Thanksgiving feast has become a cherished tradition.


    Summit students helped out with the Early Childhood Center halloween Parade!


    Summit students and staff went pink for breast cancer awareness!

    Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness


    Supplies for Texas

    Summit Academy students packed up donated supplies for a classroom at a Texas high school whose students had lost their homes to flooding. Summit students also wrote notes of encouragement to the students in Texas. Thanks to everyone who donated items. 

     Summit Visits Ropes COurse

    Thanks again to the wonderful Peekskill Education Foundation! For the third year since the start of Summit Academy, with a generous grant, they made it possible for us to travel to Ring Homestead on September 20 where we could enjoy team-building activities like the balance beans and the tire toss. We also tested ourselves on the climbing wall, cargo net, ladder, zipline and the trapeze - we have a lot of brave students and teachers in our Summit family!

    For more pictures, visit our 2017-2018 photo gallery.

    Ring Homestead

    Balance beams trapeze


    tire climbing wall


    Great Start

    See more photos in our 2017-2018 Photo Gallery!





    Summit Graduation
    Congratulations to our Summit Academy Graduates! You worked hard and accomplished great things! 
     ladygrads vincent

    Summit Celebration
    Summit Academy held a pre-graduation celebration  for our graduates and their families. They marched through the Uriah Hill halls and were cheered by the prekindergartners, and then enjoyed guest speakers Superintendent Larry Licopoli, Principal Rodney Arthur, and Assistant Superintendent Dan Callahan.  For more photos, see our 2016-2017 Photo Gallery
    parade  licopoli threeyear group

    Congratulations to Summit Senior Award Winners
    Kayla Wilson, Cortez Burris, and Ally Gibbs were winners at the Senior Awards Ceremony 
    awards  ally

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     The Making of a Summit Mural
    Summit Academy was honored by a week-long visit from collage artist Lance Johnson. With the support of the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (HVCCA), he worked with students to create a multi-media, multi-cultural, multi-meaning mural that reflects the participation of students and faculty. See our Photo Gallery for more pictures.
     Lance Johnson Taylor Coleman
    Dr. Fine  Mural hallway

      A Visit from Chief Johansen
    Participation in Government classes at Summit Academy  invited Chief Eric Johansen and Officer Andre Wright to talk about the role of a police force in civic life. Students prepared questions and a lively discussion ensued.
    Chief Johansen  chief Johansen Chief Johansen

     Honoring Honor Roll and HIgh Honor Roll Students
     honorroll honorroll hr hr    
     hr hr hr hr    

     Summit Academy College Fair
    Summit Academy welcomed five different colleges as well as the Army National Guard and the U.S. Army recruiters to a college fair just for Summit students. The Peekskill High School guidance Department also provided help with Naviance, the college application software system.
    College fair 1  collegefair2 guidance college fair

    A Visit to Clearpool Outdoor Education Center
    Summit Academy's October highlight was a school trip to Clearpool, where we enjoyed a day of team-building games followed by low ropes and high ropes activities.  Everyone was challenged!
    lowropes  games highropes jaz

    Summit Visits Boscobel House and Gardens
    A September highlight was our vist to Boscobel Mansion in Garrison, NY. Besides enjoying the beautiful location and the house and herb garden, we learned about life in the Hudson Valley during the Federal period for people of all races and economic levels.

    Summit Academy's Year 3 Off to a Great Start! 
    Welcome back  Welcome back Welcomeback Welcome back
     Open House  

    Congratulations to the 27 Summit Academy Students Who Graduated in June!
    Getting ready for graduation.  
     graduation grad    grad
     grad grad   grad  

    Summit Academy students have received two new Chromebooks, thanks to a $500 grant from Donors Choose, a non-profit that matches charitable contributors with teachers' needs. Social studies teacher Anita Prentice wrote the grant, and the students will use the Chromebooks with Castle Learning software for Regents exam preparation. 
    Studnets with new Chromebooks  

    Summit celebrated the week leading up to the holidays with a feast and a basketball tournament! We were fortunate to be joined by Superintendent Dr. David Fine, who actively joined in our game.
    It was a great way to say farewell to 2015 and hello to 2016.
    For more photos, visit our Photo Gallery. 
    Summit B'Ball  
    Dr. Fine  holidaylunch holidaylunch lunch

    Thanks to PCSD videographer extraordinaire Doug Brown for creating this video of our adventure.  

     Meet the Teacher Night


    Summit Academy September 3, 2015  

    Visit our Photo Gallery to see more pictures.  
    Every Student, Every Day 
    This September, Peekskill High School's Summit Academy begins its second year of operation. Summit is an alternative learning program and the educational home to 70 students in grades 9 through 12. Our goal is to help every student find a pathway to graduation from Peekskill High School and to success in life. We are located on the ground floor of the Uriah Hill School, and in our spacious, bright classrooms we are building a community of authentic learning. You can learn more about us by clicking on the links to the left.
    Leading Summit Academy is Assistant Principal Dr. Margie Daniels, and our faculty is Bridget Connor (English), Greg Erickson (Math), Susan Imhof (Science), Wilton Mason (Social Studies), Anita Prentice (Social Studies and Edgenuity/Online Learning), and Jenna Ferris (Special Education).  Paul Piliero teaches Physical Education parttime and Taylor Coleman is our part-time art teacher. Nicole Cugliandro is our Teacher Assistant and William Moran is our Security Guard. Please visit our individual Teacher Pages for information on the content of each of our classes.  We welcome visits from parents and are happy to respond to any questions you may have. Meanwhile, have a great 2015-2016 school year.

    Open House Wednesday, August 26  

    Summit Academy Graduates Graduates

    Summit Academy ended up our first school year - 2014-2015 - with a trip to Lake Compounce, a third quarter Honor Roll Celebration, and our students achieving at Senior Awards Night. Go to our Photo Gallery for more pictures.
    Enjoying Lake Compounce    honor roll    Senior Awards

    Summit Academy Social Studies students took a wonderful field trip to the United Nations! Click here for a complete slide show of our visit! 

    Summit's girl students enjoyed a meeting and activity session with news reporter Naomi Yane. 
     She based her talk on the Maya Angelou poem, "Still I Rise." Ms. Yane’s program was the first event of a new “Girl Talk” series initiated by Dr. Margie M. Daniels, Summit Academy director. The program was moderated by Ilyana Campos, of Westchester Mediation. The program was made possible by a grant from the Westchester Community Foundation, and WCF Board member Robin Melen also participated.

    Student Monique Brown interviewed Ms. Yane on video camera at the end of the event. In response to Monique’s request for advice, Ms. Yane emphasized: “Never give up. Put in the time, take internships, network, work hard. Good things will happen." 

    (Photographs taken by Summit Academy student Sam Jones).

    Summit students Interview Naomi Yane

    Summit Academy was honored with a visit from guest speaker Dr. Radley M. Horton, just in time for Earth Day. Dr. Horton is a research scientist with Columbia University's Earth Institute, and he also is a lead researcher for the U.S. National Climate Assessment. He also has been very involved with examining how New York City can plan for the next event like Hurricane Sandy. Dr. Horton was extremely knowledgable and answered everyone's questions, such as how high the Hudson River may rise depending on how fast global warming advances. He emphasized that we should each be aware of what we ourselves can do and set an example to those around us. 
    Dr. Horton speaks at Summit.  Dr. Horton and students. Dr. Horton and Dr. Daniels Dr. Horton

    New Computer Gift
    The Summit Academy Social Studies classroom received a new desktop computer with 27" monitor, as a grant from the Pace University Inquiry Program. Ms. Prentice's Global Studies class is inquiring into the use of games to learn content, and the new computer facilitates game exploration. 

    In honor of Black History Month, students in Summit Academy humanities classes were honored with a visit from Reverend Jeannette Phillips. She spoke about her work bringing health care to Peekskill, in the form of Hudson Valley Health Care, now a thriving regional health care provider. She talked about her childhood in Harlem and Florida, her and raising a family in Peekskill while always working, along with her family, to advance the cause of civil rights, jobs, and equal opportunity for all. 

     Parent Conference Night at Summit.

    Congratulations! Our Director and Assistant Principal is now Dr. Margie Daniels! Dr. Daniels has received her D.Ed. from St. John's University. All her staff and students honor her hard work and dedication.
    Congratulations Dr. Daniels  

    Celebration: In December, Summit Academy recognized students who achieved first quarter Honor Roll, with a reception including students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and staff, and Peekskill High School Principal Dr. Cassandra Hyacinthe. More photos are available in our Photo Gallery.
    Raphael  Dr. Hyacinthe, Mr. Picou, and Esmeralda Alamo
    News Event: Summit Academy traveled to the Madden Outdoor Center in Kent on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, for a day of team-building and problem-solving. The field trip was made possible by a generous grant from the Peekskill Education Foundation, for which we are very grateful. More photos are in our Photo Gallery.  
    Summit at Madden  
    This September, a new program opened for Peekskill High School students. Summit Academy is an alternative learning program that is the educational home to 70 students in grades 9 through 12. Our goal is to help every student find a pathway to graduation from Peekskill High School and to success in life. We are located on the ground floor of the Uriah Hill School, and in our spacious bright classrooms we are building a community of authentic learning. You can learn more about us by clicking on the links to the left. Our director is Assistant Principal Ms. Margie Daniels, and our faculty is Bridget Connor (English), Greg Erickson (Math), Susan Imhof (Science), and Anita Prentice (Social Studies).  Wilton Mason also teaches Social Studies parttime, and Paul Piliero teaches Physical Education. Please visit our individual Teacher Pages for information on the content of each of our classes.