Thursday, April 2

    Watch Harry Kindergarten teen numbers




    Wednesday, April 1 


    Today the sun is shining! Write your fry words with chalk outside.

    Tuesday, March 31

    girl reading

    • Practice reading and writing your fry words 1-10
    • Write words on cards and practice with your family 

    1. the

    2. of

    3. and

    4. a

    5. to

    6. in

    7. is

    8. you

    9. that

    10. it



    Thursday, March 26

    • Choose a book from your bag or a favorite book from home and read the book.
    • Draw a picture of your favorite part of the book and lable the picture.
    • Ask an adult to help you sign into Raz-kids and read for 15 minutes.


    rainbow Wednesday, March 25th 

    Keep up the good work!

    • Read a book
    • Compare and contrast the characters in the story. How are they alike and how are thet different?
    • Practice writing some more cvc words 
    • Work on your packet.

     Children please remember to login to Zearn and Raz-Kids


    Tuesday, March 24th

    Today practice writing some some CVC words.  For example (hop, mug, fog, rug, fix)

    Watch Harry Kindergarten CVC words

    Monday, March 23rd

    Today practice counting with Harry Kindergarten video I can count to 100.


    Friday, March 20th

    Happy Friday enjoy the beautiful weather.  Watch Harry the Dirty Dog on Storylineonline.net

    Thursday, March 19th

    Hello Sweet Children,

    Check RAZ KIDZ -I left you message if you logged in this week.

    Wednesday, March 18th

    Hello Beautiful Children,

    Today google Mr. B Watch the Letters Get Down. Have fun and dance! 

    Tuesday, March 17th 

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for checking in please keep up with counting to 100 and writing numbers 0-25.   For reading review high frequency words. I'll check in tomorrow.

    Mrs. Kadin