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    Grade 6 Social Studies, 6 North,  Room 117   
    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5th: No Classes (Election Day)
    MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11th: School/Building Closed for Veterans' Day observance
    THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28th and FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29th: School/Building Closed for Thanksgiving observance
    PARENT-TEACHER EVENING CONFERENCES: Thursday, November 14th: Beginning 6:30
    ---If you wish to meet with your child's teachers, please call for an appointment.
    ----If you can not meet on November 14th, please the sixth grade Guidance Counselor Mr. Coster (737-4542) to set up an appointment for another time.
    Dear Parent/Guardians,
    Welcome to November.
    This month we begin studying the ancient river valley civilizations of the Fertile Crescent. We move from prehistoric times to the invention of cuneiform, one of the first written languages.  We will also learn about the Code of Hammurbi, the first written laws.
    The monthy Committment to Character values are Gratitude and Kindness.
    We have started our G.R.E.A.T. civics program in partnership with the Peekskill Police Department.  This important program teaches decision-making strategies to our students.
    Your child has been provided with a Planner that is used to write assignments and help organize study time.
    Students keep a class notebook for notes and writing assignments. Extra credit assignments can be completed to help increase your child's grade.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your child's academic progress*.
    Thank you.
    Ms. M. Saperstein
    *Grade Six Social Studies Grading Policy: Grades are calculated as follows:
                               Tests (20%) /Quizzes (15%)/At-home Projects (15%): 50%
                               Classwork: Notebook/Effort/Participation: 35% 
                               Homework: 10%
                               Citizenship/Behavior: 5%
    At the end of the school year, a Final Exam will be taken by all students. That exam will count for approximately one-fifth (20%) of the Final Grade your child will earn for the entire year.
    School Telephone:  (914) 737-4542