Welcome to the DREAM science class with Mr. Kness.  Depending on the section of your science class, we will be studying common core science content and skills from the 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade curriculums.  The students will be learning about a variety of science topics from life sciences, to physical science to earth sciences.  We will also be exploring many science skills and ideas through or weekly scientific investigations.  These are a series of science labs that we conduct in the classroom which helps connect our everyday lessons to the real world we live in.  Students will be engaged in hands-on science activities while following all of our lab safety standards. 
    Grading Policy:

    Behavior – 20%

    Tests / Projects / Quizzes – 40%

    Classwork -  30%

    Homework – 10%


    You can reach Mr. Kness at ckness@peekskillcsd.org