• Welcome.  I am a member of the PHS English Department, and I teach five English classes.
       Media Literacy, a senior English elective, fall semester
       Analyzing Photography, a senior English elective, both fall and spring semesters
       English Regents Prep, a senior English class designed for students who have not passed the Regents 
       Memoir and Non-Fiction, a senior English elective, spring semester
       WISE/PIES Internship Program for seniors, spring semester
    I am available during call back, from 2:46 until 3:00, 
    I am often available until 3:30 or 4:OO, if your child needs extra help
    If you would like access to your child's Google Classroom assignments, these are the Google Classroom codes:  Period 1/Media Literacy~~ kobb4ug                                                                                                      Period 5/ Media Literacy~~  nocr55p
                                Period 3/ Photography ~~ 9t6ekw                                                                                                          Period 8 / Photography ~~  hfpcmyr
                                Period 6/ English Regents Prep ~~  qxjehxr
    The Google Classroom page gives you access to your child's assignments & projects, the due dates, and important documents related to various assignments.
    If you have any questions or issues you'd like to discuss with me, e mail, or call the school.