• Welcome to Mrs. Imhof's Science Classes!
    Welcome to the 2021/2022 school year! 

    Living Environment Room 108

    This is a Regents course.  The Regents Exam given in June 2022 is a requirement for graduation. Besides having a period for L.E. everyday you will also have an other class period  every other day. This will give students plenty of opportunity to complete the lab minute qualification to be admitted into the Regents exam. 


    Period 2 (every day) lab period 3 (Day 1) Google Classroom code: 7okpisx

    Period 4 Honors L.E. (every day) lab period 3 (Day 2) Google Classroom code: 2yx7cca

    Period 7 (every day) lab period 8 (Day1) Google Classroom code r4dutaf 



     Marine Science  Room 108

    Period 8 Day 2   Google Classroom code: 23dsio7


    Students are expected to:

    • Be to class on time 

    • Be prepaired with pen, pencil, binder, and chromebook

    • Complete assignments in a timely manner 

    • Make up missed assignments upon returning after an absence 

    • Attend call-back to make up missed or incomplete assignments

    • Not use cell phone during class.

    Please note that all grades are posted in Infinite Campus.  It is recommended fors parent to have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account, in order to monitor your son/daughter's progress. All students should have a Infinite Campus account so they can monitor their progress.
    Mrs. Imhof's contact information
    Peekskill High School
    Telephone 914-737-0201 extention7612