• Welcome to Mrs. Imhof's Science Classes!
    Welcome to the 2020/2021 school year!
    PHS overarching goals -
    •   To increase the overall graduation rate from 78% to83%
    •   To improve students' performance on the Regents exams by 5%  
    Living Environment Room 108

    This is a Regents course.  The Regents Exam given in June 2021 is a requirement for graduation. Besides having a period for L.E. everyday you will also have an other class period  every other day.


    Period 4 (every day) lab period 5 (Day 1) Google Classroom code is: 26xsuev

    Period 6 (every day) lab period 5 (Day 2) Google Classroom code is: 4g5mplf

    Click on the link to see couse description



     Marine Science  Room 108

    Period 1 Day 1   Google Classroom code is: j5xtnav

    Period 2 Day 2  Google Classroom code is: oqby3

    Click on the link for course description  


     Zoology  Room 103

    Period 8 Google Classroom code: oyrpejn


    Students are expected to:

    • Be to class on time - both in person and virtual meets

    • Complete assignments in a timely manner

    • When virtual -

      • mute microphone except when speaking

      • participate in group discussions

      • no background noise

      • only students in the class should be viewed by the teacher

      • Students must participat in entire lesson to be marked present

    Please note that all grades are posted in Infinite Campus.  It is recommended for you to have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account, in order to monitor your son/daughter's progress. The  link for Google Meet office hours is posted in Classwork. It is not the same link for your daily class. 
    Mrs. Imhof's contact information
    Peekskill High School
    Telephone 914-737-0201 extention7612