• Welcome to ENL with Ms. Rodriguez

    Welcome to ENL with Ms. J. Rodriguez

    Bienvenidos a Ingles Como Nuevo Idioma (ENL) con la Sra. J. Rodriguez

    My email: jrodriguez1@peekskillschools.org 

    1. Report cards will be available only through the parent portal. If you need to sign up please go to the district page or please see Ms.Rodriguez' tutorial.

    English Video Link - https://youtu.be/akgKAsat1JI......

    Spanish Video Link https://youtu.be/ylqpPY8DggY

    2.  Google slides will be available all throughout the summer. Please take advantage of all the learning opportunities embedded in them.

    3. Reminder - Please follow Ms. Rodriguez for up to date Virtual Town halls and updates on the reopening of school. You can find updates on Facebook, TWITTER - (RARWoodsidePrin), YOUTUBE - (Rebecca Aviles-Rodriguez) or the Principal's corner on the Woodside Web page.

    4. Please ensure that your contact information is up to date. If you need to update your information please email either of the 2 Woodside secretaries.

    Ms Sherly Velez - Svelez@peekskillschools.org or

    Ms Chiera - Mchiera@peekskillschools.org

    5. MOST IMPORTANT - Please ensure that you are logging on to RAZKIDS and ZEARN throughout the summer to stay Woodside Sharp! Please take advantage of these wonderful free online resources that provide limitless reading and math opportunities.

    Final Goodbye MOVIE CLIP

    class codes for the special area teachers:


    Kindergarten:   rvo4pox                         

     First Grade:   iv7zsdb

    Kindergarten    ocyy4fo

    First Grade      d4jeazx 

    Physical Education

    The PE code is uxgfou5