• Welcome to the Speech Corner.

    I work as a speech and language pathologist. I help to remediate and faciliate the development of of receptive and expressive language.


    I help students understand what they hear so they will be able to talk about wha they learned in complete sentences. Students need to be able to focus on bits of information they are exposed to all day and remember it for future use.


    There are different apporaches to improving a student's speech and language skills. My teaching background gives me a unique perspective on how students learn. This is one the reasons why I like to use literature as a way to build these skills. The students are exposed to language through speaking, reading, writing and art activities. It's been a life long passion of mine to work with students and help them learn as much as I can teach them.

    If you need to reach me, please email me at agonzalez@peekskillschools.org