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    "Of all subjects taught in school, Physical Education is the only subject which, by the very nature of its content, has the potential to affect how a person will feel every moment of every day for the rest of his or her life" ~ Allen Russell


    Welcome to Ms. McCabe’s teacher page! This will be my fourth year at Peekskill and I teach 1st period Adapted Physical Education, 4th and 6th period Physical Education, and 8th and 9th period Health. I coach all 3 seasons for Girl's Varsity Cross Country, Girl's Varsity Indoor Track, and Girl's Varsity Spring Track and Field. Physical Education is an integral part of the total education program and it is our mission to provide our students with a variety of exciting movement opportunities for our students to achieve fitness for life learning. 


    If you need to get ahold of me or have any questions please reach out to me by calling (914) 737-0201 ext. 3505, or by emailing me at cmccabe@peekskillschools.org.