Important Information

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  • Goals

    87%graduation rate and students increasing their regent results by 5% 

    Academic Expectations

    • Students must be present for the ENTIRE lesson to be marked present
    • Students will complete assignments in a timely manner
    • Students are not expected to be perfect; I just expect them to try their best

    If students are struggling, I expect them to ask for help!

    Virtual Expectations

    In this new era of virtual teaching, we do have new expectations for students. Please be mindful as we all work through this different way of teaching and learning. Some expectations I have are:

    • Students should mute their microphones except when speaking
    • Students should participate in group discussion
    • Please minimize background noise
    • Only the student in the class should be viewed by the teacher - no exceptions
    • Do not record, photograph, or take videos of the teacher


    Our grading policy has changed! This year, the grading categories are as follows:

    40% Assessments

    60% Classwork/Participation