• Directions: Select one of the prompts, and answer it using complete sentences and complete thoughts(7-10 sentences). You may not use that prompt again ONLY when you have something new to share.


    1. How can you encourage others to exercise?
    2. How can you and your parents exercise together?
    3. Why is exercise so important?
    4. Do you like exercising indoors or outdoors better?
    5. What is your favorite part of gym class?
    6. After I exercise, I feel…
    7. Devise a fun game that involves running, jumping, skipping, and hopping.
    8. Write about the importance of stretching before and after workouts.
    9. Would you rather take a long walk or a short run? What are the benefits of each?
    10. How often do you exercise? Is it long enough?
    11. Come up with three ways you and your family can get more active together.
    12. How can you encourage your family to exercise together?
    13. Does your family go to a gym? If yes, how often do you go? If not, what can you do exercise at home?
    14. Nutrition is also very important to fitness – how does good nutrition relate to exercise?
    15. Make a list of five small ways people could be more active and write about their importance.
    16. What is your favorite sport that gets you moving?
    17. What do you know about the benefits of exercise?
    18. What is your favorite way to exercise?
    19. How does living an active lifestyle help you to appreciate your mobility?
    20. What are some ways to make exercise even more fun?
    21. What is your exercise commitment? How will you keep it?
    22. Describe your ideal workout routine, if you don’t have one what would you like it to be.
    23. How many days each week are you active?
    24. What does it mean to have an active lifestyle?
    25. How can you and your family make time together for exercise each day?
    26. What do you think of when you think of exercise?
    27. Do you like listening to music while you exercise? What kind? How does it make you feel?
    28. How does your body feel after you exercise?
    29. What emotions do you feel when you exercise?
    30. How can you teach your family about the benefits of exercise?
    31. Do you think people exercise enough?
    32. Is it more important to exercise or eat right – or both?
    33. Do you exercise with your family or by yourself?
    34. How do you feel when you go a long time without exercising?
    35. How does your pet help you to exercise?
    36. What are some surprising ways to get exercise?
    37. Write about the best workout you ever had.
    38. What are some good exercises to do inside when it gets cold or rainy?
    39. What are your favorite active things to do outside when it’s warm?
    40. The best part of exercising is…
    41. After exercising with your family, how do you feel?
    42. Make a week-long exercise schedule of games for you and a parent to follow.
    43. What are some of the largest benefits of exercise?
    44. What is your favorite kind of exercise machine?
    45. Do you prefer getting active by playing team sports or individual ones?
    46. How can exercise be a good time to connect with your family?
    47. What is the most important thing you’ve learned about exercise?
    48. What time of day do you like to exercise?
    49. Is exercise important to your family?
    50. Think of ten active things you can do with your parents.
    51. Do you believe exercise is important? How can you implement this belief into your life?