Throughout history, and the present, there have been athletes who have used the world of sports to demonstrate their remarkable abilities, character, work ethic and desire.  It is possible to gain inspiration from such stories.  Your assignment will be to seek out one of these athletes and learn as much as you can about them.  Go to the library and research the books that contain athletes that have played an amateur or professional sport.  Read about their story.  Please type and the essay should include:

    1.       Where did the athlete grow up, and what was it like in his/her life while they were young?

    2.       Why did the athlete decide to be involved in sports?

    3.       What were the various levels of competition that the athlete participated in?

    4.       Why was this athlete successful?

    5.       What can you learn from the athlete that might be helpful in your life?

    Plus any other information that you find that would be interesting.  The essay must contain at least 800 words.


    ****Value of the assignment: 6 PE classes.