• Peekskill High School

    Department of Physical Education

    1072 Elm St.

    Peekskill, NY 10566




    Class Description:

    Physical education is a class where students will develop overall personal fitness by exercising, developing skills, and
    gaining knowledge about personal fitness. This will be accomplished by participating in a dynamic fitness regimen
    and team sports/activities that we will be learning throughout the year. Students will learn the importance of exercise
    and how it relates to a healthy lifestyle. Through this development of knowledge in lifetime sports, students will be
    encouraged to be active their whole life and know why that is important to their overall health.


    Course Objectives:

    • Compare, contrast, and apply various principles of physical fitness training.
    • Apply team strategies, rules, and scoring during modified game activity.
    • Demonstrate practical application of basic skills taught.
    • Use correct terminology/vocabulary of the sport/activity.
    • Explore the origins and the history of each sport/activity presented.


    Planned Units:

    • Team Sports – Basketball, Football, Handball, Soccer, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Floor Hockey,
    • Lifetime Activities – Exercise Routines, Fitness Center, Fitness Walking, Small Games, Track and Field
    • Racquet Activities – Badminton, Volleyball
    • Ultimate Games – Speed Ball, Ultimate Football, Ultimate Frisbee


    Teacher Expectations:

    • Be on time for class
    • Be prepared for class (have to wear sneakers, no jeans, no boots, no slides, or flats)
    • No Cell phones during class
    • Follow all rules and policies (safety first!)
    • Display good sportsmanship at all times by trying your best, motivating classmates through encouragement,
    and maintaining respect for others in the class.


    Class & PE Department Policies:

    o Report directly to your teacher for attendance. If you are not on the 3 point line by the time the whistle
    blows to begin class, you will be marked as tardy.
    o Bookbags cannot be left in the gym. This is a safety hazard. They MUST be stored in the locker room.
    If you arrive to class after the locker room has been closed, you will be asked to put your bag in the
    equipment closet.
    o If you are late coming out of the locker room, it will be considered being in an unassigned area and
    dealt with accordingly. You will have 5 minutes to change before and after class.

    o Do not visit the gym area when you are not scheduled for PE class – blue passes from teachers
    will not be accepted! If you are not on the roster you are not allowed in the gym. You will be
    written up for being in an unassigned area!
    o At the end of class, wait in the gym, NOT the hallway.
    o You may not make up missed classes during other class periods. You may coordinate a time with your
    teacher to come to call back to make up the class.

    Class Preparation
    o You must have sneakers to participate in class! If you don’t have sneakers you will receive a 0
    UNLESS you complete the unprepared assignment that will be assigned. In order to gain 3
    points back towards that day, the assignment must be completed and turned in at the sound of
    the bell. Unprepared zeros cannot be made up with extra credit. If you received a zero for an
    unprepared, that means you refused to complete the unprepared assignment provided for you
    to receive partial credit.
    o If you are late to class after the locker room doors have been locked with a PASS, and you have your
    sneakers, you are expected to participate in class activity and have the possibility of earning full
    o Leave all jewelry and phones in your locker.
    o No food, gum, drinks, or candy is permitted in the gym or the locker room as per school policy.

    Electronic Devices
    o Leave all electronic devices in your locker – they are not permitted in class. Even if you are
    not participating in class.
    o You will be asked one time to put your electronic device away.
    o If you continue to use your electronic device, you will be written up.
    o Please do not ask to charge your phone in our offices.

    Locks and Locker Room
    o You will be provided with a locker and lock if you would like one.
    o Lock up your valuables! This is your responsibility!
    o You MUST lock up your items to ensure safe storage.

    Grading :
    Participation is 75% of the grade:
    o 5 points earned daily
    o 2 points = Attending class/ proper attire (sneakers and no jeans)
    o 3 points= Conduct, Participation and Effort
    Assessment is 25% of the grade:
    o Demonstrating skill during game play and throughout the units.

    Medical Excuses:
    If you have a doctor’s note stating you are medically limited from participating in PE, bring the note
    to the nurse. Alternative activities or assignments will be given and must be completed within the
    assigned time to earn credit.





    All students will be given a numerical grade for each marking period.  These grades are included in the overall average of the student.