• Below are the dates that I have so far for the coming school year. They could be changed.  
    Other dates could be put in at a later date. 

    Concert Band Important Dates

    School Year 2019-2020

    Sept 21st    1:30 PM     Saturday              Football Game                      Depew Field         

    Oct 12th     2:30 PM     Saturday              Football Game                       Depew Field

    Nov 11th    9:00 AM     Monday               Veterans Day Ceremony       Monument Park

    Dec 12th     6:30 PM     Thursday             Winter Concert                      PHS Auditorium

    Mar 12th    7:00 PM     Thursday             MIOM Concert                      PKMS Auditorium

    Mar 14th    2:00 PM     Saturday              St. Pats Parade                      Peekskill Proper

    May 7th      6:30 PM`    Thursday              Spring Concert                       PHS Auditorium

    May 25th    9:00 AM     Monday               Memorial Day Ceremony     Monument Park

    June 13th   2:00 PM     Saturday             Juneteenth Parade                Peekskill Proper

    June 28th   2:00 PM     Sunday                Senior Grad Ceremony         Paramount Theater