• Music Technology and Digital Recording is a state approved accredited course offered to students in the high school. This is a half year course (.5 credits)
    This class meets in the Music Lab (241C) during 7th period daily. Students receive instruction in music technology, sound reinforcement, minimal music theory and the history of electronic music. There are no prerequisites for this course, although knowledge in music related subjects like music theory, music software, and digital file management is helpful.  
    Refer to the Google Classroom Page for more information. Code:xnsygwn
    The music lab 18 student stations. Each station has internet access with an IMac, Presonus Audio Box USB, MAudio 49 Keystation keyboard, and a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M40fs headphones. The teacher station has an IMac with additional video monitors, Audix BX8a near-field monitors, Digidesign 03 rack, Presonus Digimax FS rack, and an MAudio Keystation Pro88 weighted keyboard. The students work with various software including Garage Band, Studio One, and Pro Tools 11.
    There are multiple condenser and dynamic microphones plus a band room of instruments at our disposal. This includes synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars & basses, various ethnic stringed instruments and keyboards, a vast collection of drum kits and cymbals of various styles, various percussion/mallet instruments, and band instruments.
    The music lab is also equipped with a large ENO board (5'x6') on the wall that can display the IMac video screen to the whole class. This is excellent for group instruction. The students work on audio projects like creating music for movie trailers and commercials besides their own original compositions. T
    We also have a Mackie DFX 12, Soundcraft Signature MTK 22, and Allen & Heath GL3000 sound boards along with QSC, Genelec, and M-Audio powered Monitors in the music lab and auditorium. Working with this gear enables the students to learn about sound reinforcement including "front of house" and "stage monitor" sound reproduction. The students participate in the events held in the auditorium like the winter and spring concerts. They provide the sound reproduction and also digitally record certain events
    This class is in it's third year and has a full enrollment. The students are motivated and I expect they will accomplish a lot during this year. 

    There are many related career paths associated with this technology, especially in the NYC metropolitan area. We already have alumni in the industry as far as Atlantic Records in LA!