• Unprepared Current Event Requirement:

    Saxton’s Class- ksaxton@Peekskillcsd.org


    1.      A summary and reaction should accompany the article:

    a.      In your own words, you will write a paragraph(s) explaining what information the article contains. The 2-3 paragraphs  should be written so the reader does not have to read the article to find out what it is about

    b.      In your own words, you will write a reaction paragraph to the article: 

                                                                  i.      What do you think about this topic?

                                                                ii.      Was it interesting or not?

                                                              iii.      What did you learn from this article?

                                                              iv.      Do you agree or disagree

                                                                v.      Do you know anyone else that did this and what happened?

                                                               vi.      Would you want to be him/her?

    4.      All current events must be:

    a.      At least 5 paragraphs and one (1) page

    b.      Typed 12 font

       *****The current event must be attached to the summary/ reaction*****

    Students are required to complete a current event assignment related to any of the following topics:

    a.      Health benefits

    b.      Personal Fitness

    c.       Athletes in the news

    d.      Sports in General

    e.      Any current event taking place in sports today

    f.        Drugs use in sports

    g.      Nutritional information

    h.      Sports injuries


    2.      Students will:

    a.      Find a current event in the newspaper, video clip, or a credible internet site

    b.      The current event must be related to sport/and or fitness

    c.       Article must be recent w/in the last three months


    6.      One (1) summary is equal to one (1) unprepared PE class