Respect everyone, including personal space and belongings, especially personal instruments. Do not touch an instrument you have not been taught. You could damage the instrument if you do not know the proper way to assemble, hold, and play it! It also might be someone's personal instrument or property.

    Engage in collaborative and positive practice in an effort to create beautiful music

    Speak, act, and behave with intelligence, respect, and pride in this room and any other event associated with the music program. Remember you represent your families, community, and the music department at all times.

    Prepare your music and be ready to play at least one half hour before any event. An event may also require concert dress. (See concert dress page) Personal practice time is very important for you to improve and for the overall performance expectations.

    Expect to make all lessons, rehearsals, and events in any ensemble you are in. You will receive a failing grade for each unexcused absence*. Depending on the number of unexcused absences you may not allowed to participate in the event and receive a failing grade for that event. Remember, Your music grade is reflected in your overall GPA!

    Care for your instrument (whether it be your own or property of the school). You are responsible for any lost items and damage or repairs needed (other than normal wear). Always put away your instrument at the end of each lesson or performance. Keep the band room clean and organized.

    There are no electronic devices or phones permitted in class and should be out of sight unless you have been given permission by Mr. Hahn to use them.

    * an unexcused absence will be determined by Mr. Hahn and the administration.